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Holistic Homegoral

Rose & Peppermint Moisturizer

Rose & Peppermint Moisturizer

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Our Rose & Peppermint moisturizer is great for acne prone skin. With the active ingredient of Peppermint, it is great for facilitating oil secretions. Rose is also a great ingredient because of its antibacterial properties! Roses are also great for healing acne & acne scars, soothing inflammation & killing bacteria on the surface of the skin. This moisturizer does contain real roses so the longer the product sits, the more beneficial it becomes as the oils take in the great benefits of each rose petal. Our moisturizers are curated with NON-COMEDOGENIC oils.


HOW TO USE: Apply moisturizer DAILY, to damp skin. Utilize about 2 drops each on forehead, cheeks, & chin. Rub into skin using upward, circular motions. Repeat 2x a day, morning & night & follow up with SPF! Make sure the skin is damp from your Holistic Homegoral toner of choice before applying moisturizer, to ensure the hydration is locking in! Applying moisturizer to dry skin, will result in moisturizer not penetrating into skin fully & sitting on the surface of your skin. 

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