Products made with Melanin in Mind!

While curating these products, melanated skin is always in mind. As a Black Esthetician, it has been my mission since 2018 to not only create products for people that look like me, but also products that contain CLEAN ingredients that correct several skin conditions & aren't harmful to the skin. Through experience with clientele & years of research I have mastered what ingredients are for our skin & what are not! Each product has been tested on various skin types & has been proven to heal the skin. Try it at your own discretion, because you be addicted after your first order!

Im Ready to Be ADDICTED!

Are you experiencing recurring breakouts, super oily/dry skin or overall problematic skin?

If you are without a consistent daily routine that consists of a Cleanser, Hydrating Toner & Non- Comedogenic Moisturizer, you may be experiencing Breakouts, SUPER oily/dry, or just overall PROBLEMATIC skin. This is because without proper cleansing, your pores may be clogged. Without proper hydration, your body will over-produce oil. Lastly, without moisturizing, your skin will become dehydrated. All of these contribute to overall problematic skin! A daily routine is REQUIRED, if you're on a journey to clear & cure your skin concerns!

3- Step Daily Regimen

Allow all orders 2-7 business days to process, before being shipped/ready for pickup!